Nowadays 5G network is common in this world as well as in our country. People use 5G network for better network traffic work such as streaming live videos, posting on social media, downloading movies, they us this network for entertainment and as well as useful research stuffs and attend classes and many more there are limitless works which are getting really good by this network mainly the best use of this technology is used by medical sector this invention make this sector a long jump in medical field now people can get treated by doctors by just online video conferencing. Doctors can see patients very easily and very clear.

Gaming become most dependable on this fastest ever network as this network provide them better network intensity, lower latency , higher capacity and increased bandwidth compared to 4g.
5G uses MIMP technologies for new antennas, allowing multiple receivers and transmitters to transfer massive amounts of data at the same time.

You have to buy 5G compaitable devices to take the advantages and features of this massive Network Services provided by 5G network are: –

Dynamic information access, wearable devices with AI capabilities (wearable means here as watches, bracelets or fitness bands etc.) 5G networks have the potential for new technology. From security aspects this is a great technology as we know that our laws are changed by the government of India. in some cases law has allowed video conferencing such cases are in rape victim and all the works of police should be online by a separate police all of the researches during the case period will be recorded by the investigating team so by this network court room is going to be digitalized all the work will be run at fast speed.

As we know that everything has its two sides brighter and dark both Now we will look into the dark side of this network:-

Limited coverage: –

5G networks have limited coverage as they have not much towers and they are expensive to setup so they have limited area where this network have coverage. Experts and Technology informers believe that despite its ability of faster download speeds, 5G technologies will have less upload speed compared to 4G and 4G LTE.

Battery Draining: –

5G technologies that are used in the mobile phones are called BANDS and they use so much battery power the drain the battery and overheat the Smartphone and reduce the lifespan of battery and phone.
cyber security: – risk has increased by the increase in the use of 5G .lack of encryption during the connection process also makes the devices using 5G technology an easier target for cyber attacks and data theft, as we often listen the news of hacking and data breach of private information.

Ecosystem damage: –

The manufacturing and maintaining of the new technologies associated with 5G creates waste and uses important resources that have determined consequence for the environment.5G network use technology that is harmful on birds, which turn has cascading effect through entire ecosystem. The main component of the 5G network that will affect the earth’s ecosystems is the millimeter wave. The millimeter wave are never been used at such scale before 5G network.

In a study of Centre of for Environment and Vocational Studies of Punjab University researchers, have observed that after exposure to radiation from cell tower for just 5-30 minutes the eggs of sparrow were disfigured.

Just think about this research this wave done this much damage in just 5-30 minutes just think we are living around this wave and our lovable birds are getting disappeared by this waves, a movie named ROBOT 2.0 it is a Sci-Fi movie but it shows so much cruelty human are doing with the birds and their generation, some of the species are extinct and some are endangered, they can’t talk the cant show anger to us but the reality is they are suffering so much in pain and fear of extinction, Additionally Warnke found that cellular devices had a detrimental impact on bees.

Colony collapse disorder is when many of the bees which are living in the beehive are abandon their hive, queen, eggs and few worker bees, when some of the worker bees are affected they lost their navigational skills and they are able to return to their hive in approx ten days.

Bees are somehow important link of ecosystem which binds the plants and human by their Lovely sweet Honey.

These are some of the researches which are published many researches are being conducted and are in process.

This is a small information about 5G technology Now I just want an answer from you what you think on this article Is 5G Good Or Bad?

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