Mobile Phones – The brighter side

Mobile Phones – The brighter side

Mobile Phones have become an integral and a very important part of almost each and every person residing in this planet.

Every person has some or the other reasons to use and keep a mobile with them.

It not only allows you to  connect to your loved ones through calls but also keeps you updated about the current situation all around the globe and stay connected through social medias as well.

Also it provides us as a means of entertainment as well. Let us discuss about its benefits in detail –

Filling Communication Barriers

People live all around the world and in different Parts of the globe and have their relatives,

friends or their near and dear ones residing in other parts of the world and since to have a communication between them they have to use a mobile phone by the use of which they can call each other and have a conversation between themselves and also can connect themselves through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram etc.

This allows the people to stay connected with each other.

Being updated about the world

Mobile phones also act as an important instrument to keep a person updated about the current affairs going around the globe.

One can easily know about the various activities or incidents that take place all around the world in the near past through their mobile phones.

People can even watch news channels and read famous news articles or pages related to a particular topic from the mobile phones.

Mode of Entertainment

Mobile phones are a rich source of Entertainment as well as it provides for various modes from which the user may choose his/her likes and dislikes and watch the content accordingly. Through mobile phones one can watch movies from various digital platforms which offer a mobile movie viewing experience at a much cheaper rate than the cinema halls.

Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee 5 etc. are some examples of movie viewing platforms which allows a user to watch their favourite movies straight from their homes from mobiles at a more comfortable and cheaper rate.

Also, people can follow their favouritesports and watch it from the various sites available on the world wide web also popularly known as the Internet.

People watch various leagues and enjoy or amuse themselves through the evolution of mobile phones only.

Ease of Lifestyle

The evolution of mobile phones have had a huge impact on the lifestyle of the people.

People can now easily live their lives and stay at their homes and order various items directly to their home through various delivery platforms.

Apps like Zomato and Swiggy allow the people to order food to their homes directly from their preferred restaurant without actually visiting the restaurant physically, just by using these apps and ordering them online.

Apps like Blinkit allow the people to order groceries and snacks online at their doorstep and also at a quicker time and it also allows them a variation in their choices.

Flipkart and Amazon allows several other commodities to be ordered online.

Educational and Medication purposes

Mobile phones have also emerged as a very useful tool in educational institutions.

The covid 19 pandemic greatly enlarged the scope of online educational institutions and people started to shift towards online education giving platforms like Byju’s, Unacademy etc.

Students could now easily accesstheir study materials at their wanted time and according to their preferences straight from their homes.

Also people can now consult doctors and order medicines online easily from their homes by the use of mobile phones.

Hence we can see that the invention of mobile phones has eased the lives of the people and made everything much easy and also allow the people connectivity and mobility.

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